Ilwaco Landing

Front door to the Pacific

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From pole to plate

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Who we are

Ilwaco Landing Fishermen is a fleet integrated Seafood wholesaler committed to the fishermen who choose to fish for us. This unique relationship between land and sea allows us to offer the finest fresh, local, sustainable seafood possible.

Our History

Front door to the Pacific for over 120 years

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Our Story

Our team and fleet of fishermen

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What we do

We work directly with the local fishermen who are committed to providing sustainably caught, high quality seafood. We buy directly from the boat and offload at our private offload facility, The Ilwaco Landing. As initial receivers we know the source and catch method for everything we offer allowing us to provide unequalled transparency to our customers.

Our Catch

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Our Pantry

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Our Seasons

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Our Gear

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