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Garibaldi Landing Fishermen

Nestled in Tillamook Bay, the Port of Garibaldi houses the local commercial fishing fleet and is also known for its world class sport fishing. The abundance of wildlife, breath taking views and the seemingly endless recreational opportunities, Tillamook Bay draws visitors from all over the world.

About Us

Garibaldi Landing Fishermen (GLF), a division of Ilwaco Landing Fishermen, works directly with the local commercial fishing fleet as well as the general public. This unique commercial/recreational environment provides benefits to just about all visitors. Providing the public access to the local seafood bounty allows GLF to pay the Fishermen fairly and aid in the sustainability of the fleet and community alike.

F/V Services

Commercial Seafood Buying Station / Fuel Dock / Commercial Bait Sales / Crab Cooking (sport and commercial) / Wholesale Seafood Processing / Cannery / Smoke House / Custom Fish Cutting / Vac-Packing

Garibaldi Landing Fishermen

500 S Biak Ave, Garibaldi, OR 97118

Garibaldi Landing Fishermen

500 S Biak Ave
Garibaldi, OR 97118