In efforts to maximize value to our wholesale customers, Ilwaco Landing Fishermen proudly offers the following products, with year round availability on most products. Wholesale shipping is typically charged by the pallet rather than the pound so adding any of these items to a larger order is a great way to maximize the return on shipping costs.

Willipa Bay Oysters and Clams

Whole or Fresh Shucked

ILF proudly offers Pacific Oysters and Manila clams straight from our back yard and sourced from the legendary Weigardt family. The Weigardts have been producing world class Pacific Oysters for five generations dating back to 1867.

Pacific Oysters available whole as large ‘BBQ’ style as well as fresh shucked in various sizes containers. Manila clams are harvested twice a week providing the freshest clams possible.

Albacore Tuna, Loins

Sashimi Grade

Iwaco Landing Fishermen selectively sources its Albacore tuna from only the elite members of the local tuna fleet in efforts to provide world class, shashimi grade Albacore loins year round. These tuna are selectively targeted and caught with hook and line. Within minutes of being on board each fish is bleed and placed in a blast freezer where it hangs without contacting any other fish until it reaches colder than -30°F.

Once frozen, they are kept at temperature as whole fish until ready to be cut into loins. Our unique process of cutting loins results in a truly elegant Albacore Loin of the highest quality. Without raising temperature the whole fish is mechanically cut into shape and then each loin is hand honed to perfection.

Albacore Tuna, Canned

Premium Hook & Line Caught, Sustainably Sourced

Ilwaco Landing Fishermen proudly offers it private label canned Albacore. These large 7.5 oz cans are packed with the highest quality, sustainably caught, Albacore tuna ever put in a can. This Northwest exclusive is hook & line caught by local fishermen and canned before ever leaving the coat by a local cannery.

This all natural product is hand filleted and hand packed then cooked in natural juices producing an amazing 49g of protein and 7800mg of Omega 3s per can.

Dungeness Crab, Frozen

Whole Cooked and Sections

Since the majority of the local crab is caught typically in the first two months of the season, freezing these delicious crustaceans can allow for them to be enjoyed year round. Frozen crab is offered in both whole cooked and sections as seen above.

Coming Soon…

Many more pantry items

Check back occasionally to see whats new or contact us and let us know what you are looking for, we will do our best help you out.